Book-writing Gold

Do you want to write a book?

Maybe you have made a start and then got stuck, so your part-written manuscript is stuck on a shelf somewhere, nagging at you and telling you to get going again.
Anyone who has tried to write a book will have discovered that there is a massive amount of work involved and it isn't just about sitting down to writing.
Book-writing Gold is an author academy, guiding you every step of the way.

Everything you need to become an Author

The course includes:

  • Getting ready to write – guiding you in the discipline and vision you need to keep going every day.
  • Planning – building from your big idea to create a structure and outline for your book.
  • Writing – hints and tips as you create that all important first draft.
  • Editing – once the book is written the real work begins, to refine and polish your book ready for publishing
  • Publishing – explaining the different types of publishing and how to make the most of each.

Plus you’ll have access to an online community to connect with other authors and regular accountability sessions to help you make consistent progress.

Take a peak inside

Who is this course for? 

   Aspiring authors who don't know where to start

  Anyone who has written a book and needs the next steps to get published

  Those who need the accountability of a community and productivity sessions to get their book written. 

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Book-writing Gold
  • Welcome Aboard!
  • Your Guide to Book-writing Gold
  • The Book-writing Gold Community
  • Are you Comfortable with Discord?
  • Help and Support
The Art and Science of Writing
  • The Hardest Part
  • Time and Space
  • Mindset
  • To Plan or Not to Plan
  • The Idea - for Fiction
  • The Idea - for Non-fiction
  • The Reader
Preparation and Planning
  • Getting Ready to Write
  • Writing isn't Just Writing
  • Tools for Writing
  • Marketing Starts Here
  • Planning Your Book
  • Creating Structure for your Non-fiction Book
  • Non-Fiction Books to Read for Styles and Examples
  • Creating Structure for Storytelling
  • Fiction Books to Read for Styles and Examples
  • Getting Going with Writing
  • The ABC of Writing
  • A Guide to Grammar and Punctuation
  • Writing for Non-Fiction
  • Writing for Fiction
  • Writing Exercises to Build Your Skills
  • Marketing while you are writing
  • The Seven Read-throughs
  • Should I Pay for Editing Services
  • Being a Beta Reader
  • Structure and Flow for your Non-fiction Book
  • Structure and Flow for your Fiction Book
  • Marketing while Editing
  • The Three Types of Publishing
  • And Finally
  • Choosing your formats
  • Creating an Audiobook
  • Finding Publishers
  • Tips for Making Submissions
  • Your Book Proposal
  • Book Proposal Template - in MS Word format
  • Do I need an Agent?
  • Pre- and Post- Matter
  • Formatting for Self-publishing
  • Marketing while Publishing
And Finally...
  • Closing Thoughts
  • We'd Love Your Feedback

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