60-Second Gold

If you network, would you like to have a 60-second pitch which is different, memorable and fun?

This short training course guides you through the process of engaging an audience and getting you new connections, all in 60-seconds.

Giving Small Business Owners the Tools they Need

The course includes:

  • When you need a 60-second pitch
  • How to tap into what your audience is thinking
  • The structure of a 60-second pitch which grabs attention

Plus there are examples and a private Facebook group where you can practice.

Take a peak inside

Who is this course for? 

   Any small business owner who goes networking

  Those who want to practice their 60-second pitches in a friendly and helpful community. 

Course Curriculum

60-Second Gold
  • Introduction
  • What do people want?
  • How to build a great 60-second pitch
  • Next steps for your 60-second pitch
Other Resources
  • Example video 1
  • Example video 2
  • Example video 3
  • Slides from the video
  • Join the private Facebook Group

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